Graph Types

In addition to providing SimpleGraph and SimpleDiGraph implementations, Graphs also serves as a framework for other graph types. Currently, there are several alternative graph types, each with its own package:

  • SimpleWeightedGraphs provides a structure for (un)directed graphs with the ability to specify weights on edges.
  • MetaGraphs provides a structure (un)directed graphs that supports user-defined properties on the graph, vertices, and edges.
  • StaticGraphs supports very large graph structures in a space- and time-efficient manner, but as the name implies, does not allow modification of the graph once created.

Which Graph Type Should I Use?

These are general guidelines to help you select the proper graph type.

  • In general, prefer the native SimpleGraphs/SimpleDiGraphs structures in Graphs.jl.
  • If you need edge weights and don't require large numbers of graph modifications, use SimpleWeightedGraphs.
  • If you need labeling of vertices or edges, use MetaGraphs.
  • If you work with very large graphs (billions to tens of billions of edges) and don't need mutability, use StaticGraphs.