Reading and writing Graphs

    Saving using Graphs.jl lg format.

    Graphs may be written to I/O streams and files using the savegraph function and read with the loadgraph function. The default graph format is a bespoke compressed Graphs.jl format LG.


    g = erdos_renyi(5, 0.2)
    savegraph("mygraph.lgz", g)
    reloaded_g = loadgraph("mygraph.lgz")

    In addition, graphs can also be saved in an uncompressed format using the compress=false option.

    savegraph("mygraph.lg", g, compress=false)
    reloaded_g = loadgraph("mygraph.lg")

    Finally, dictionaries of graphs can also be saved and subsequently re-loaded one by one.

    graph_dict = {"g1" => erdos_renyi(5, 0.1),
                  "g2" => erdos_renyi(10, 0.2),
                  "g3" => erdos_renyi(2, 0.9)}
    savegraph("mygraph_dict.lg", graph_dict)
    # Re-load only graph g1
    reloaded_g1 = loadgraph("mygraph_dict.lg", "g1")

    Full docs

    Reading and Writing using other formats using GraphIO

    The GraphIO.jl library provides tools for importing and exporting graph objects using common file types like edgelists, GraphML, Pajek NET, and more.