Graphs are mathematical structures that model sets of vertices connected by edges. They appear everywhere in our daily lives, from transportation networks to molecular structures or social media.

Julia is a high-level, high-performance programming language designed for technical computing. It is free (open source), has an accessible syntax, and supports Windows, OSX, and Linux.

JuliaGraphs is a GitHub organization run by volunteers, which tries to coordinate and foster the development of graph algorithms in Julia.

Getting started

The core package in our organization is called Graphs.jl, take a look at its documentation to see what you can achieve with it. You can also check out our other packages, find out what the broader ecosystem does with them, or watch the talks in our gallery.

For general usage questions, please use the Julia Discourse forum and tag your post with #graphs.

If you found a bug in one of our packages, or if you want to suggest a feature, feel free to open an issue on GitHub. Remember that open source development is not our main job, so your request may take a while to process. We thank you for your patience!


The maintainers of the JuliaGraphs organization are listed here. Each package also has its own GitHub repository listing individual contributions.

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