The goal of Graphs.jl is to offer a performant platform for network and graph analysis in Julia. To this end, Graphs offers both (a) a set of simple, concrete graph implementations – SimpleGraph (for undirected graphs) and SimpleDiGraph (for directed graphs), and (b) an API for the development of more sophisticated graph implementations under the AbstractGraph type.

As such, Graphs.jl is the central package of the JuliaGraphs ecosystem. Additional functionality like advanced IO and file formats, weighted graphs, property graphs, and optimization related functions can be found in the following packages:

Basic library examples

The Graphs.jl libraries includes numerous convenience functions for generating functions detailed in Making and Modifying Graphs, such as path_graph, which makes a simple undirected path graph of a given length. Once created, these graphs can be easily interrogated and modified.

julia> g = path_graph(6)

# Number of vertices
julia> nv(g)

# Number of edges
julia> ne(g)

# Add an edge to make the path a loop
julia> add_edge!(g, 1, 6)

For an overview of basic functions for interacting with graphs, check out Accessing Graph Properties and Making and Modifying Graphs. Detailed tutorials may be found in the JuliaGraphs Tutorial Notebooks repository.